• SleepyWinks natural sleep aids optimum pack
  • SleepyWinks natural sleep aids optimum pack
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30-DAY REBALANCE is a unique meticulously designed natural sleep aids that consists of two formulas - herbal blend Day and herbal blend Night


1x heat-sealed packet of Herbal Blend Day [30 bags inside]

1x heat-sealed packet of Herbal Blend Night [30 bags inside]


Herbal Blend Day – Take anytime during the day before 5pm (contains caffeine)

Herbal Blend Night – Take right before going to bed (caffeine-free)

  • Herbal Blend Day - Delivering a stress free and tranquil mind state during the day, while enhancing productivity and allowing your body to perform at its best. Just one cup of Herbal Blend Day is enough to get you through even the busiest workday calmly!

    Herbal Blend Day won’t make you drowsy or cause any unwanted chemical reactions that may keep you awake late at night. It contains soothing chamomile, pleasantly flavoured genmaicha, and a healthy dose of lemon balm that keep anxiety and restlessness at bay!

    Herbal Blend Night - As another day comes to an end, it's time to get the long-sought and much needed rest. Best taken before bedtime, our Herbal Blend Night formula will drift you to sleep gradually, soothing the tension out of your body and preparing it for the night ahead. The lulling effect kicks in just a few minutes after you take a cup!

    Infused with chamomile, rooibos, valerian root, and cinnamon, among others, Herbal Blend Night's sedative effects far exceed those of any other all-natural product you know. Say goodbye to laying wide awake in the middle of the night!

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Some herbal stuff out there can taste a bit unpleasant, but I find both Sleepywinks blends to be rather pleasant and aromatic... The Day blend has now become my pick-me-up for my mornings. The Night one I feel has just the right blend of herbs🌿+🌺🌹🌹flowers that makes it really yummy!!😋 It's helped me sleep better through the night, less of waking in the middle of my sleep. - Lucille

I often woke up with feel of tightness in the back and shoulders and feeling groggy, even if I've slept more than enough hours. With this product I can feel my sleep quality is improving. Being able to feel fresh after waking up in the morning makes a big difference for the rest of my day at work. - Isabelle

I knew I was suffering from poor sleep as quite often after 7 hrs of sleep I still wake up feeling tired. This product has brought back the joy of a good night sleep!! So glad.....😘 - Meera