SleepyWinks REBALANCE is a 2-part natural sleep aid that combines two of our herbal blends - Day and Night.

Day is drunk before 5 PM and it deals with stress and anxiety, preparing your body for a good night’s sleep.

Night is drunk before going to bed and it contains active constituents that act as relaxants and mild sedatives, helping you fall asleep easily.

SleepyWinks Day is the 1st part of REBALANCE - our proprietary herbal blend with chamomile, genmaicha, and lemon balm. It combats lifestyle-related stress and anxiety, calms you down, and allows your body to naturally regulate its sleep cycle.

Proprietary blend of herbs: chamomile, cinnamon, genmaicha, pumpkin, lemon balm, elderberry flower, blackberry leaf, blue mallow flower.

Serving size 1 bag - 2,500mg. Makes 8 fl oz / 236ml.

Each bag contains approximately 26mg of caffeine.

SleepyWinks Night is the 2nd part of REBALANCE. Ingredients found in it (chamomile, rooibos, valerian root) all act as mild sedatives and relaxants, naturally inducing restorative sleep. It should be taken before going to bed.

Proprietary blend of herbs: chamomile, cinnamon, rooibos, lemon balm, valerian root, silver lime flower, lavender flower, passionflower herb, red rose petal, marigold flower, morello cherry, hops.

Serving size 1 bag - 2,500mg. Makes 8 fl oz / 236ml.


It’s possible to use Night independently. However, it works best as a part of REBALANCE and with herbal blend Day. Day deals with your everyday stress accumulation, while ingredients in Night build on that and promote sleep.

10-DAY Starter is the same as 30-DAY REBALANCE Optimum in everything but in size. If you want to give SleepyWinks a chance, pick up the 10-DAY Starter and see the result for yourself.

10-DAY Starter

= 10-DAY Day (contains 10 bags of Day) + 10-DAY Night (contains 10 bags of Night)



= 30-DAY Day (contains 30 bags of Day) + 30-DAY Night (contains 30 bags of Night)



= 2x 30-DAY REBALANCE Optimum

For optimal results, take Day once during the day and Night once in the evening before going to bed. Continue at that pace until your package is empty. By that point, your body should get accustomed to natural sleeping patterns and you should be able to fall asleep more easily. However, if you want to continue drinking REBALANCE you can do that as well - as long as you can notice that it’s not in any way affecting your performance. Listen to your body - it will tell you if there’s a need to stop.

SleepyWinks products are intended for adults with problems falling asleep. However, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers share their body’s chemistry with another small human being - one that is not stressed or has problems sleeping! That’s why we don’t recommend using SleepyWinks products if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. We strongly advise you to consult with your doctor before consuming any herbal products.

Again, these products are formulated for full-grown adults. Children and young adults should get consent from their doctor before using them.

Even though all ingredients are natural, every body can react slightly differently to them. Please check the ingredients list and avoid using SleepyWinks products if you know you might have an adverse reaction to any of the ingredients.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, however minor, please consult your doctor before using SleepyWinks products.

SleepyWinks products do not contain any animal by-products and can be considered vegan.

No, all our products (and ingredients) are natural.

What are the ingredients that can be found in SleepyWinks products and how do they affect the human body?

Our natural sleeping aids are made from numerous herbs and ingredients. There are several that have a beneficial effect on stress and stress-induced sleeping problems.

Chamomile - a natural remedy and relaxant known back in the ancient times, chamomile is still the world’s favorite and the most effective calmness-inducing herb.

Rooibos - an infusion of rooibos helps reduce anxiety and stress and rids your body of tension. It contains compounds essential for production of the sleep hormone.

Genmaicha - a green tea infusion with roasted brown rice which lowers your blood pressure and acts as a soothing balm for your central nervous system.

Lemon Balm - this herb is also called Melissa and it’s praised for its stress-reducing properties, which help with restlessness, anxiety, and attention disorders.

Valerian root - it’s your overworked brain that’s keeping you up at night. Valerian root affects GABA, an amino acid that calms down brain activity, allowing you to sleep.

Cinnamon - in addition to adding a wonderful aroma to the blend, cinnamon balances your blood sugar levels and hormones, relaxing your body and preparing it for sleep.