Rebalance Your Sleep Naturally in 30 DAYS

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Made from freshly picked herbs of premium quality


All herbs carefully selected and meticulously blended for their synergistic healing properties


We salute your commitment to healthy lifestyle and promise never to poison you with drugs


What's good for your health needs to be good for your taste buds as well!

Why They Love Us


Having enough sleep is important but having a too active mind at night didn't help! There were days when I was too tired but just couldn't get to sleep due to having too many thoughts running through my mind.

Glad that I came across SleepyWinks herbal blend and after giving it a try. I realized that having a long, undisturbed sleep throughout the night is possible for me now!


SleepyWinks have been such a refreshing companion for late nights on the laptop or early bedtime with a book. I used to drink milk tea at night but this is so much more lighter and after 30 days it;s become a ritual...

For someone who has trouble sleeping and trouble waking the Night tea helps me to sleep and the Day tea gets me up in the morning...


Recently, I've become a bit of an insomniac - usually spending the wee hours of the night staying awake trying to figure out how to fall asleep. I started taking SleepyWinks Day & Night teas to help me restore quality sleep.

Being a big fan of herbal teas, I think the taste is quite nice. Since taking SleepyWinks, I've been spending less late nights staying awake and more nights actually sleeping!


After 10 days of drinking SleepyWinks Rebalance, I slept like a baby! Not only is it about how long you sleep but also the quality of sleep that matters. No doubt I now feel more energetic to keep up with my baby and handle the demands of the day.

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